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Horn Products

About us

We are an exporting and manufacturing company that creates a wide range of goods from materials like bone, horn, metal, mop, resin, stone, and wood.  These goods may include jewellery, home accents, kitchenware, and other things. Among the things made of bone are things like buttons, beads, and carved figurines.  Combs, buttons, and jewellery are examples of horn products. Jewelry, kitchenware, and decorative items like candlesticks can all be made of metal. Among the mop products are buttons, jewellery, and decorative items. Jewelry, furniture, and decorative items are all examples of resin products. Products made of stone may include jewellery, figurines, or decorative items. Products made of wood may include furniture, decorative items, or kitchenware. We will most likely manufacture a wide range of goods using these materials and export them to numerous nations worldwide.

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